About Us

M eier Bengals, located near Woodward, Oklahoma, is a multi-functional family farm. If you’re looking for Bengal cattery services, please contact us today to schedule a visit to our multi-functional family enterprise.

What sets us apart from other competitors is that we’re a small cattery that breeds for quality, not quantity. We breed for health, temperament, type, and coat, in that order. All kittens are born in the house and handled from birth to ensure good socialization. We house queens and studs separately to insure controlled breeding. Our # 1 sire, OhMy Gillette of Mukulaal, comes to us from Pat Harbert of Choctaw, OK. So far he has earned a QGC in TICA-sanctioned regional shows. He is a gorgeous boy and very calm and friendly. Our second brown/black spotted stud is CH OhMy Caleb of Mukulaal. Our black silver spotted stud is Ennead Seti of Mukulaal, and our seal mink spotted stud is Ennead Sahara of Mukulaal. Both Seti and Sahara come to us from Alonnah and Mitch Ryder.

Our #1 queen, Ch BishopsBengals Belle a d’Ball of Mukulaal, comes to us from Karen Waugaman in CA. Belle is producing wonderful kittens with great open rosettes and lots of glitter and rufousing. We are also proud of OhMy KarmlKandi of Mukulaal, our seal sepia marble queen, and our other brown/black spotted queen Bearbrook Amunet of Mukulaal. Rounding up our queen stable is our new black silver spotted girl, Grace on High Sparkle Plenty of Mukulaal.